the sun is up, the sky is blue..

i just booked my flight to New York City and tickets to see Explosions in The Sky at the Bowery Ballroom all for under $200.

august 24th - september 3rd

i was going to stay for much longer, originally..but after looking at the calender, these 11 days just seemed to fit perfectly.

finally, a week..the first week that's actually felt like summer to me..

they couldn't tell we couldn't sing, and that changes everything

i always make my new year's posts public for some reason, probably because i think it's a way of holding myself accountable for whatever claims i ramble off. not that anyone really cares that much, but it works for me.  and this year's resolution is a good one, it would have happened regardless, but the timing works out, so why not?  this whole inferiority complex, i don't even think it's legit, it's a cover for something.  it doesn't even work with my personality; i'm too selective and full of it in the first place, but as confident as i could be, i'm always doubting or's just getting old, so i'm going to stop that, i think.  that and run on sentences.

last night was a nice end to break; extremely random and bizarre, but nice.  went downtown with anthony, angelo, and megan and danced to parliament covers while drinking miller high life, which could quite possibley be the worst beer in the history of alcohol..but it's ok, because like i said..parliament funkadelic.  eventually ended up at cedars so we could support the home team, which i don't even like that much, really could have used some stella..but that's all irrelevant.  it was really good to hang out with them, and i wouldn't have wanted to spend new year's any other way..well, aside from outside of youngstown.  really disapointed that i can't make it to nashville to play with them next week, hopefully next time.

i finally watched eternal sunshine of the spotless mind the other night..what a beautiful movie, especially the whole sequence before the actual start, i thought.  the video for 'your ex-lover is dead' is shot similarly to the scenes where they are watching the sky from the ice.  for as strange as it is, it clicked for me, another one of those punched in the stomach feelings; part of me wishes there were more movies with that sort of effect, but i have a feeling it wouldn't hit nearly as hard if they were that common.  meet me in montauk.

columbus tommorrow.

there goes the fear again

this, one of my favorite scenes out of any movie, i think, basically somes up how i'm feeling.  optimistic, hopeful, and blinded by ideals.

Benjamin: I'm just...
Mr. Braddock: Worried?  About what?
Benjamin: I guess about my future.
Mr. Braddock: What about it?
Benjamin: I don't know... I want it to be..
Mr. Braddock: To be what?

The Graduate

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our nights always start out very innocent and sarcastic, but by the end you always end up making me feel like the luckiest guy on your roof just by sliding over next to me at the right time.  it's all very bittersweet, right now.  so i'm going to be playing my ash records for a few more weeks, and then what?  loveless will probably wait until winter, and the fall is still open for suggestions.

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lost in translation

are you awake?

i realize i have yet to do any serious journaling in here, but i'm waiting to straighten some things out in my head first.  however, i do feel like writing tonight so here's something on my favorite movie.

uncertainty is a problem that plagues us all.  originally i thought my particular age group had it the worst; growing up, choosing friends, college decisions, etc.  not adults though, they have these things figured out.  i've had the same typical teenage experiences and concerns as everyone else and before i saw this movie, i felt that i had nothing to worry about in terms of the future because i would mature and become an adult and everything would settle.  Lost in Translation is a movie that scared the hell out of me.  it left me with a punched in the gut feeling.  they're trying to tell me that things might not work out the way i have planned?  i don't like that thought one bit.

this movie sees two fairly different westerners meet by chance in the lovely Tokyo Park Hyatt in..well obviously, Tokyo.  Bob Harris is a once famous actor who has been hired to be a spokesman for Suntory whiskey.  Charlotte, a young philosophy graduate, is visiting with her husband who is photographing rock bands all over Japan.  had these two seen eachother on the street in America, they would have continued walking on their merry way.  however, since both are suffering from severe isolation in a foreign culture, there is an instant connection which eventually goes deeper beyond any romantic relationship i've yet to see or experience.

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if you read all of that, you get 10 points.

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